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The Good Women Of China Hidden Voices:Shizuku7148

Xinran Published in October 20, 2018, 8:57 pm
 The Good Women Of China Hidden Voices:Shizuku7148

The Good Women Of China Hidden Voices:Shizuku7148


CASSINI24 Reply to on 21 June 2018
A heartbreaking account of the lives of ordinary Chinese women from the 1960s to the beginning of China's opening up to the world in the 1980s. Hardship, sexual abuse and the inexplicable mania of the Cultural Revolution are the common themes of these intimate stories, told through the filter of Xinran's nightly phone-in radio show. The stories culminate in the most distressing of all - The Women of Shouting Hill. Broadly speaking, the lives of Chinese women have improved somewhat since Xinran's book was first published in 2003, and, while there are many reasons for this progress, the fact that Xinran's radio shows and subsequent journalism helped to spark a more open debate about the status and treatment of women is certainly a contributory factor. Although upsetting to read, this book is an important chronicle of a pivotal moment in China's long history, when the lives of its women were at last beginning to be considered worthy of scrutiny and discussion.
Woolco Reply to on 27 March 2015
I was interested to read some of the negative reviews of this book. Criticisms of Xinran's condescending tone; her over-simplification of the stories; that they were non-representative.

Personally, I didn't feel that way about the book at all. Xinran's tone is open and unassuming, she lets her subjects speak for themselves. It is true that the stories are quite short and do not delve into detailed histories, instead they rather focus on the suffering, its causes and conditions. I found this approach highly effective. The stories are often disturbing - but their brevity, together with Xinran's light touch, create something crystalline and powerful that lingers in the mind without overwhelming.

I felt humbled and intensely saddened by many of the stories. So much I take for granted. So easily violence and evil flourish in humanity once the embers are fanned. There are too many common themes in these stories for them not to be representative of thousands of women's experiences from the Cultural Revolution and beyond. To deny this is to delude oneself about mankind's innate capacity to inflict persecution and abuse whenever conditions are favourable.
jklm Reply to on 31 May 2018
This is a fascinating insight into the lives of Chinese women in relatively recent times. It is a surprisingly good read, as it is very well written. Although all the accounts are about different women, the linking thread of the author's work life provides a structure.
It made me reflect on the lot of women everywhere and at all stages of history. We in the West are the exception (well, many women are). We are so lucky to have lived in peaceful times and with such a lot of opportunities.
Mrs. C. M. Fairgrieve
Mrs. C. M. Fairgrieve Reply to on 10 October 2012
I thought these were good stories. It gives a real insight into the attitudes of the Chinese people, the lives of women in modern and recent history China and the difficulties they have faced. I do however think that the author has used a great deal of journalistic licence in order to write them. Too many of the stories have amazing coincidences which make me think the facts may have been changed slightly for better effect. I get the impression that she has gathered the stories that hundreds of woman have told her over the years and used them as a basis to give us a feel for their plight. I don't doubt that they are based in fact, and the book was still a very good read.
TTee7535 Reply to on 7 September 2018
I just sat and read this book from cover to cover, I have Chinese friends who are women. Now I understand them a little more.. chine is not like the west. The culture is so different. And will never be like the west.
University professor
University professor Reply to on 5 February 2018
Xinran's biographical interviews provide a fascinating picture of the Chinese psyche and helped me to understand the personality and motivation of my Chinese students.
Miss P. Martin
Miss P. Martin Reply to on 12 June 2018
Fascinating, illuminating, brutal. A volume of Chinese women's memories and experiences collected by Xinran, famed radio presenter, and journalist.
Grecossais Reply to on 17 November 2014
Amazing Xinran! If you are a fan, you cannot go wrong with this, if you are thinking about buying it, please do. It opened my eyes on many things about China and I found a lot reaonating true when I lived in Asia Pacific for a little while and came in closer contact with chinese culture, history and people. A good book, in the sense that it is real, raw, with no frills, airs and graces.
asocrates Reply to on 11 February 2017
A good read about life in China for women. I got this for a friend who is interested in Chinese life and history - both ancient and modern. This is about life in modern China.
Paul Doogan
Paul Doogan Reply to on 4 December 2017
one of the most harrowing books iv read but enlightening as to the universal use of rape to destroy people-
this book can make you lose faith in humanity
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