Shizuku7148 Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, Multi-Colour, Pack of 6:Shizuku7148
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Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, Multi-Colour, Pack of 6:Shizuku7148

Munchkin Published in October 20, 2018, 9:00 pm
 Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, Multi-Colour, Pack of 6:Shizuku7148

Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, Multi-Colour, Pack of 6:Shizuku7148

Price:£2.99+ Free shipping (Addon item)

Alana Maternaghan
Alana Maternaghan Reply to on 8 March 2017
These are excellent and my little boy loves these spoons over any other ones I had and I have had so many mothers ask me where I got these because they thought they were great quality and lovely colours and very nice to hold. So, yes I would buy these again as a gift to someone expecting and would definitely recommend x
SB Reply to on 27 March 2017
Great price. Fast delivery. Spoons are PERFECT for starting to wean baby and she loves holding them herself. Bowels work really well - took a bit of time to fit lids on. This is because they are really tight fitting to make sure there is no spillage. They have never leaked so I'm pleased!
Charlotte Reply to on 28 June 2018
I’ve started using these for weaning, these are great, the bowl is the perfect size not too big which is what I was worried about as I was only just starting him off on baby rice. The spoons are great the perfect shape, I also have the other munchkin spoons however he feeds so much better with the spoons in this pack. I haven’t used the lid yet but they fit nicely and are easy to remove with little tabs. The spoons are easy to hold for weaning too. Seen a lot of people say they can’t be sterilised however, I sterilise them in a Milton cold water steriliser and they are easily sterilised that way. They don’t bode well with the heat so microwaveable sterilisers are a no go with this set. Would definitely recommend this set and will be buying another one!!
Rob Reply to on 1 July 2017
Great weaning bowls!
Fantastically packaged, and delivered very fast.
Easy storage as they stack into each other. Really bright and my baby loves them.
Would highly recommend!!
SL02 Reply to on 15 March 2018
I can't believe I'm writing a review for spoons but having tried a few different ones, these ones are my favourite. Small enough for little mouths, long handle for me to feed my baby and for them to grasp the spoon too. Not as wide or shallow as other spoons. Which was a good thing as the slightly narrower spoon and it's depth meant the food ended up in baby's mouth not smudged around their face. I'm sure different babies take to different spoons. And before trying different ones I'd have said they can't be sufficiently different to care enough but that hasn't been our experience. Really recommend these.
RB Reply to on 19 December 2017
The spoons are great. Nice and long if you want to reach the bottom of a jar.

The lids are a little difficult to get onto the bowls. You have to press down pretty hard to get it to click on but It's nothing that would put me off buying these again.

Very useful for positioning off baby food and freezing it in individual portions. Makes weaning so much easier.

The bowls are actually a descent size for baby bowls too so they could easily hold larger portions for toddlers.
Charlie Reply to on 4 May 2016
These bowls are perfect! Bright and cheerful colours and made from strong durable plastic. Perfect for using in the freezer and microwave (just loosen the lid before reheating anything). I also found the size of the bowls great, they easily fit in the palm of my hand during feeding time and they hold the perfect amount of food. The lids are a bit tricky to put on but thats exactly how they should be as they're 100% airtight, therefore no spillages at all! The two spoons you get in the pack are also great, lovely colors and a perfect size for my 5 month old! Would most definitely recommend these to others!
Megan S
Megan S Reply to on 20 June 2017
A nice sized pack of spoons mean we never run out. They are nice and brightly coloured and my 7 month old loves banging his spoon around! They wash well in the dishwasher and are a good 'weight' - not too heavy and not too flimsy either. He takes food from the spoon easily as it's not too big and they seem about the right firm/softness for him.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 28 November 2017
Love these bowls and spoons! I use them every day and have bought more spoons since. The spoons are especially great because the long handle is very nice to hold and there is room for my son to grab hold too. The actual spoon on the end of the handle is the best I have found so far. The bowls are just the right size for a serving of porridge for my 9 month old and the lids make it easy to stick some of our dinner in the fridge ready for him to have the next day.
R George
R George Reply to on 13 July 2017
Brightly coloured spoons and ergonomic handles which are very nice - however in comparison to other spoons, including some from this brand I found my baby didn't like the spoon head as much; it is quite deep with a flat edge so quite often he struggled to get all of the food out of the spoon unless it was well heaped. Nice soft head to the spoons to go easy on the gums though.
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